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in july 2012, cylange electric, founded by zheng xingwei, experienced a financial difficulty when the profits of the website could not meet their needs to expand the scale and further improve the get financing, mr. zheng began looking for venture capital."i used the website's operating profit data to convince the boss of yueqing beifu electric co., ltd., and got 200,000 yuan in financing for the operation."in this way, cylange electrical network over the difficulties.

the business opportunity that discovers electric net, result from an accidental opportunity.zheng xingwei used the holiday in an electrical company internship, received a customer sent a picture of accessories, "just look at the picture, we can not distinguish what the product the whole of china, he found, there was no direct-sales website specializing in online sales of electrical products.electrical products and other products are different, related accessories specifications, models, complex standards, large market demand, find the same model of accessories is very difficult.he began to pay attention to this area.

in september 2011, zheng xingwei submitted the business plan of cylange electric network to the school, and obtained the admission qualification of wenzhou university student business park.the school provided an 80-square-meter office free of charge, rewarded him with a 5,000 yuan start-up fund and helped him register for industrial and commercial tax.subsequently, zheng xingwei and three partners invested in the registration of wanlixiang electric co., ltd. and began to prepare for the construction of cylan grid electrical network.

they recruited 5 full-time employees and more than 30 college students and part-time staff, organized the preliminary investigation work, conducted the investigation and interview on the electrical market in yueqing, yongkang, taizhou and other places and some employees in the electrical industry, and carried out the preliminary promotion work of cylan grid electrical network.

through the analysis of the collected survey data and interview results, zheng xingwei "found the combination of needs and interests, and understood the needs of customers".they designed and improved the website for the characteristics of numerous electromechanical products, difficulty in finding and quotation.

after nearly half a year's preparation, the website of cylange electric was officially put into operation at the end of april 2012. customers can easily and quickly find the products they need according to the model and may of that year, the website received orders of more than 200,000 present, the website's sales can meet the normal operation, basically every month with 30,000 yuan of income.

"cylan grid electrical network can be said to be the electromechanical industry products most complete, the most extensive category, the most convenient search one of the websites.""in the mechanical and electrical industry, there is no domestic search model that specializes in color pages, and other websites don't have very clear prices or complete categories," zheng addition, the site provides a systematic service from component and finished product sales to system engineering installation, "greatly reducing the procurement and operation costs of enterprises".in the price, the website also has the advantage, zheng xingwei introduced, this is because they through the origin of direct procurement, "reduce the procurement cost", and through bulk procurement and centralized delivery, get the preferential price of goods, and reduce the enterprise operation cost.

however, zheng xingwei has been plagued by financial problems.although he passed the first "capital crisis", zheng xingwei is now traveling between hangzhou and shanghai to find new angel investment and venture capital to further improve the order to alleviate the shortage of funds, shareholders of the company will contribute further capital and reinvest some of the money they earned into the operation of the website.

for the future, zheng xingwei hopes to open more offline display stores in beijing, shanghai, guangzhou and other areas with booming electromechanical markets, "to carry out brand implantation and promotion"."i will stick to my business and work hard to see the project through," he said. "i still believe i can lead the team to victory, even though there are some difficulties."