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those items should be paid attention to when installing the explosion-proof axial flow fan

explosion-proof anticorrosive axial-flow fan apply to transport no corrosive gas, inflammable and explosive environment temperature shall not exceed 60 ℃, widely used in factories, warehouses, offices, residential ventilation or heating radiator, also can have longer exhaust pipe interval series installation, in order to improve the pressure in the pipeline, unload motor can do free fan.precautions for installation of anti-explosion anti-corrosion axial flow fan:

1. before installation, check the fan in detail to see if there is any damage and deformation. if there is any damage and deformation, it can be installed only after proper repair.

2. during installation, please pay attention to check whether each inferior part is loose or not. the clearance between blade and air duct should be even and no contact should be made.

3. the weight of the pipe connecting the tuyere should not be borne by the fan's air duct, and additional support should be added during installation.

4. a collector must be installed at the end of the fan outlet and a protective net shall be installed.

5. the fan base must be naturally connected with the foundation plane, and the base must not be struck for forced connection to prevent deformation of the base. during installation, the machine base should be corrected, iron sheets should be added, the horizontal position should be maintained, and then the anchor bolts should be tightened.

6. after the installation is completed, the experiment must be carried out first, and the formal use is allowed only after the normal operation.