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1. the use environment should always be kept clean and the surface of the fan should be kept clean. there should be no sundries in the inlet and outlet. 

2. according to the using conditions from time to time to supplement or replace bearing grease (motor closed bearing need not be replaced during the service life of the lubricating oil), fan during operation to ensure good lubrication, refueling times no less than 1000 hours/time closed bearings, bearing and motor fuel with zl - 3 lithium base grease filling the 1/3 of bearing inner and outer ring, it is forbidden to short of oil.

3. if the fan is found to have abnormal sound, the motor is seriously heated, the shell is electrified, the switch trips and cannot be started during operation, the fan shall stop immediately for order to ensure safety, it is not allowed to carry out maintenance during the operation of the fan. after maintenance, the fan should be tested for about five minutes, and no abnormal phenomena should be confirmed before starting the fan. 

4. the fan can only operate under completely normal conditions. colleagues should ensure sufficient capacity and stable voltage of the power supply facilities.   

5. the fan should be stored in a dry environment to prevent the motor from moisture.when the fan is stored in the open air, precautions should be the process of storage and handling should prevent the fan knock against, so as not to damage the fan.