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the global market for renewable energy converters will exceed $19 billion by 2017, according to research.driven by the power of industrial energy conservation, frequency converter is initially used for speed control. with the development of technology and the increasing requirements of the society for energy use efficiency, it is gradually used in the field of energy is estimated that the power saving rate of the motor system using frequency converter is generally up to about 30%, some high occasions can be up to 40% to 60%, the energy saving effect is significant.nowadays, frequency converter is the development direction of motor energy saving.

as an important equipment of variable frequency speed regulation, inverter has opened the prelude of the feast of energy saving by virtue of its energy saving advantages and the favorable policy of energy saving and emission reduction in china.with the deterioration of the environment, lack of resources, energy conservation and environmental protection concept more and more deeply into the economic and social development, countries are increasing investment in energy conservation and environmental protection technology and promotion, frequency converter energy conservation role is becoming increasingly prominent, business investment "sweet spot".the global market for frequency converters for renewable energy is worth $7.2 billion, according to electronics analysts at suntech.growth is expected to continue over the next five years, surpassing $19 billion by 2017.

at present, the general inverter power saving rate was 20% ~ 30%, the highest and even can be more than 50% in electricity market, for example, for improving the quality of the atmospheric environment, a new thermal power coal-fired units have all require synchronous construction denitration project, dust removal technology reconstruction project for the corresponding equipment, such as air preheater and induced draft fan frequency conversion technology reform requirements also is imminent.our inverter market, in recent years to maintain a growth rate of 12% ~ 15%.industry insiders estimate that the current growth rate of inverter installed capacity power in the chinese market is actually around 20%.the potential market space is about 120 billion yuan ~ 180 billion yuan, of which low-voltage frequency converters account for about 60% of the market share, and the remaining 40% are medium and high-voltage converters.

in fact, the expansion of domestic inverter market has become a catalyst for the rise of local inverter enterprises.domestic frequency conversion manufacturers, such as yingweiteng, eoneng, anbang xin and zhiguang electric, have begun to occupy more and more market shares with their price advantages.and he kang frequency conversion relies on constant research and development, can occupy 13% market share in the containment of foreign brands, it is really not easy.the pace of localization still needs to be accelerated after the rapid development in recent years, the gap between local frequency converter brands and foreign well-known brands is gradually shortened.

however, there is no denying that the development of inverter industry in china is dependent on foreign brands to infiltrate into the growth, and the lack of market share has been the constraint of local inverter brands.foreign brands such as siemens, schneider electric, abb and dongfang hitachi still account for more than two-thirds of china's inverter market share in 2012, according to a denitrification report by chen qiuquan, supervisor of hekang inverter present, the domestic market demand for high precision, large frequency converter equipment or japan, europe and the united states and other foreign brands, reserved for domestic frequency converter living space and growth time is little.

it is not difficult to see that domestic inverter enterprises on the one hand to seek a breakthrough in the invasion of foreign brands, on the other hand to face the reality of the expansion of domestic inverter market demand, inverter market competition will become increasingly fierce.therefore, some enterprises lacking the precipitation of frequency converter industry, short establishment time, small scale of enterprises and capital shortage will face the risk of being order to open the market, some newly emerging brands, at all costs, transfer the contradiction of market competition to reduce the manufacturing cost and price, and play a price war.these are not conducive to the sustainable development of domestic inverter market.