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(1) control the starting current of the motor

when the motor is started directly by power frequency it will produce a seven to eight times the motor rated current of the current value will greatly increase the electric stress of motor winding and produces heat so as to reduce the service life of motor and frequency control of motor speed, start at zero speed zero voltage (can, of course, add appropriate torque increase) once to establish the relationship between frequency and voltage frequency converter can according to the v/f or vector control drive the work load using frequency control of motor speed to reduce the starting current to improve the endurance of users is the most direct benefits of motor winding maintenance costs will further reduce the life of the motor is increased accordingly

(2) reduce voltage fluctuation of power lines

in electric mechanic frequency startup current surge voltage at the same time also the range of fluctuation voltage drop will be significantly depends on the size and start the motor power capacity of the distribution network voltage drop will lead to the same power supply voltage sensitive equipment failure in the network abnormal tripping or work such as pc sensor proximity switch and contactor after all can motion error and use frequency control of motor speed due to the zero frequency when the zero pressure gradually started to maximum extent, to eliminate the voltage drop

(3) lower power required at startup

motor power is proportional to the product of current and voltage, then directly by power frequency electric power consumption will be much higher than the power in some frequency conversion start need its distribution system has reached the highest limit under the condition of the transients produced by direct power frequency start motor will have a significant impact to with other online users, which will be warned by grid operators, and even fines if using inverter to motor start-stop, won't produce similar problems

(4) controllable acceleration function

frequency control of motor speed to zero speed up and according to user needs to be smooth acceleration and its curve can also choose to (linear acceleration s-shaped or automatic acceleration) and by power frequency startup of motor or connected to the mechanical part of the shaft or gears will produce severe vibration of the vibration and mechanical wear and tear will worsen reduce the service life of mechanical parts and motor frequency conversion start also can be used in similar filling line in order to prevent the bottle spilled or damage

(5) adjustable running speed

the application of variable frequency speed regulation can optimize the technological process and change rapidly according to the technological process, and realize the speed change through remote control plc or other controllers

(6) adjustable torque limit

after frequency control of motor speed to set the corresponding torque limit to protect the machine from damage so as to ensure the continuity of the technological process and the product can be * current frequency conversion technology not only adjustable torque limit and even torque control precision can reach 35 in the condition of power frequency motor can only by measuring current value or thermal protection to control and can't like in the frequency conversion control setting precise torque values to action

(7) controlled stop mode

like controllable acceleration, in frequency conversion speed regulation, the stopping mode can be controlled and there are different stopping modes to choose (decelerate stop, free stop decelerate stop, direct braking). in the same way, it can reduce the impact on the mechanical components and motor, thus making the whole system more serviceable and the life of the system will be increased accordingly

(8) energy saving

the centrifugal fan or water pump can greatly reduce the energy consumption after adopting the frequency converter, which has been reflected in more than ten years of engineering experience. since the final energy consumption is the ratio of the motor speed, the investment return will be faster after adopting the frequency conversion, and the manufacturers are also willing to accept it

(9) reversible operation control

to realize the reversible operation control in the inverter control, no additional reversible control device is needed, only the phase sequence of the output voltage is changed, which can reduce the maintenance cost and save the installation space

(10) reduce mechanical transmission components

at present, vector control frequency converter plus synchronous motor can achieve efficient torque output, thus saving gearbox and other mechanical transmission components, and finally forming a direct frequency conversion transmission system, which can reduce costs and space, improve stability.