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dmd insulating paper, which is a kind of composite insulating material product made of a layer of polyester film coated with adhesive, one side of polyester fiber non-woven composite, calendering.

dmd insulation paper has good mechanical strength, dielectric performance and high heat resistance (grade b and f). it is the type insulation material for y series motors and can be used as slot insulation, turn and layer insulation, liner insulation core and transformer insulation for small and medium-sized motors.part of the thickness of the product has been widely sold to the european and american and southeast asian markets.

features and application: it is a composite material made of polyester film coated with f-grade adhesive on both sides and covered with polyester fiber paper on both sides.the composite has good dielectric properties, high heat resistance and mechanical strength.suitable for f - grade insulation of ordinary and damp - heat strip electric trough insulation, turn - turn insulation and liner insulation, also can be used for electrical coil insulation.our materials comply with ul, iec, vde, tuv, bsr, miti and other international standards and sgs/rohs environmental testing