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the function of an insulating material is to isolate the live parts of an electrical appliance that have different potentials.therefore, insulating materials should first have high insulation resistance and compressive strength, and can avoid leakage, breakdown and other accidents.second, the heat resistance is good, to avoid long-term overheating and aging deterioration;in addition, there should also be good thermal conductivity, moisture resistance and lightning protection, high mechanical strength and convenient processing characteristics.according to the above requirements, the performance indexes of common insulating materials are insulation strength, tensile strength, specific gravity, coefficient of expansion, etc.

the insulation material commonly used in electrical engineering is different according to its chemical property, can be divided into inorganic insulation material, organic insulation material and mixed insulation material.common inorganic insulation materials include mica, asbestos, marble, porcelain, glass, sulfur, etc. they are mainly used for winding insulation of motors and electrical appliances, base plate of switches and insulators, insulation materials are: shellac, resin, rubber, cotton yarn, paper, hemp, rayon, etc., mostly used for manufacturing insulation paint, winding wire covering insulation, etc.the mixed insulation material refers to all kinds of shaped insulation materials made of the above two materials after processing, which are used as the base and shell of electrical appliances.