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china's fan equipment gradually get rid of import -ag真人官方网址app下载

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s is still lower than those with international advanced brands. in recent five years, some domestic units put into operation have also experienced great quality and technical faults, such as wheel hub crack, spindle problem, bearing problem, gearbox fault, motor fault and so on.

fan manufacturing enterprise in our country in recent years, the independent design ability has improved, but the struggle in the aspect of design experience and design software, on the basis of the wind conditions in our country especially independent design, research and development of megawatt wind turbines new ability is insufficient, has not yet been developed suitable for wind turbine design software system of our country's resource conditions.

at present, europe has realized the batch application of 5 mw ~6 mw wind turbine, and is designing and developing 10 mw wind turbine, while china's 5 mw wind turbine products and 6 mw wind turbine prototype are still in the trial application or field test stage.

there is still a big gap between china and foreign advanced level in the design and key components of wind terms of key components, the control system of wind turbines above megawatt level in china is still in the trial production stage. some key components of large wind turbines still need to be imported. the reliability of large gearboxes and generators needs to be improved.

"at the same time, low-cost competition still exists for domestic wind turbine equipment, and the price of wind turbine is not expected to rise in 2014.low price competition squeezes companies' profit margins and reduces their investment in product upgrading and technological innovation, which is not conducive to the healthy development of the industry."'said qi.

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