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1. it is conducive to the stable operation of the fan and its system

the fan and its system should be designed so that the operating point of flow and pressure required by the system is near the maximum efficiency point of the fan.however, in the long run, the efficiency of the fan will decrease year by year and the power consumption of the motor will increase due to the reasons such as blade deformation and bamboo path resistance the same time, the wind pressure of wind m may also decrease to a certain extent, resulting in the failure to meet the requirements of the system.

2. it is conducive to the effectiveness of the configuration of the transmission fan and pipe network system

the ventilator always works in conjunction with its pipe network system. after the gas gains external power in the ventilator, the relationship between pressure rise and flow rate changes regularly according to the performance curve of the ventilator.when the gas passes through the official website, the relationship between pressure rise and flow follows the special curve of the official website. therefore, part of the total pressure generated by the fan is used to overcome the resistance in the pipe network, and part is converted into the kinetic energy of the air flow at the outlet of ft in the pipe network.

the effective power of the fan is proportional to the total pressure of the fan. when the limiting force in the pipe network, namely the static pressure, is increased, the kinetic energy of the air flow at the outlet of the pipe network will be reduced, that is, the flow ht of the fan will be reduced.therefore, the pipe network layout is not good will affect the fan to play.