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yesterday, chongqing japan electrical and electronic industry base opening and signing ceremony.

investment in chongqing

global growth has slowed and capital is looking increasingly cautious.but in chongqing it was a different story: a few days ago microsoft announced its entry;yesterday, japanese enterprises settled in and weichai group decided to spend 10 billion yuan to build a high-speed engine manufacturing base and passenger vehicle production base in chongqing. chongqing, a hot investment destination, has become a treasure land for enterprises at home and abroad.

according to chongqing daily, chongqing in the west has become an important place for japan to transfer its electrical and electronic industry to the outside world.yesterday, chongqing japan electrical and electronic industry base in chongqing was inaugurated.

mayor huang qifan, vice minister of commerce li jinzao, japanese ambassador to china uichiro niwa, president of japan trade promotion agency hiroyuki ishige, deputy director of the standing committee of the municipal people's congress hu health, vice mayor liu xuep and other officials attended the opening ceremony.

according to introducing, chongqing japanese motor electronic industry base in the open area in southern area, covers an area of 3 square kilometers, the development of notebook computers, mobile terminals, internet of things, cloud industry, 3 g, 4 g, tablets, smart network, data center, the electronics industry, such as digital cameras, semiconductors, and industrial electrical appliances, electrical appliances, the type of key auto parts such as motor industry, the development of new energy equipment, energy conservation and environmental protection equipment, new materials and other emerging industries.

at present, the whole chongqing is speeding up the pace of opening up, forming the pattern of great opening up and becoming the highland of great opening up

huang introduced the opening up of chongqing to the outside world in recent recent years, chongqing has made great efforts to build an inland opening highland. the introduction of foreign investment is expected to reach 10 billion us dollars this year, equal to that of coastal provinces and cities.according to the 12th five-year plan, chongqing's overseas investment will reach $30 billion in the next five years.imports and exports have also risen sharply, expected to reach us $30 billion this year, more than us $45 billion next year and us $100 billion in 2015.

under the background of the world financial crisis, why has chongqing's opening-up achieved such remarkable results?'there are two reasons,' mr. huang said. 'one is the central government's strong support for the west and chongqing.'the overall deployment of the central government's "314" and the state council's no. 3 document give chongqing special policy chongqing has a liangjiang new area, two free trade zones, four state-level development zones and 41 municipal industrial parks. it can be said that the opening up trend of chongqing is no different from that of shenzhen, shanghai and tianjin in recent years.

the second reason is that chongqing has been improving its investment environment and focusing on building its "five low" investment addition to low taxes, low cost of land and property, low logistics cost, low cost of coal, electricity, oil and transportation factors, and low cost of financial financing, chongqing also has a great advantage of sufficient and stable labor recent years, with the rapid development of chongqing's economy, more and more migrant workers have returned to their hometowns from the coastal areas and worked nearby. they can go home every day without stopping for one or two months during the spring festival.

chongqing attaches great importance to the global competitiveness of japanese enterprises, the manufacturing capacity of high-tech and electronic information industries, and the cooperation with japanese enterprises

'despite the current global financial crisis, japan's manufacturing industry, including the electronic information industry and equipment industry, has always led the world trend and has a very clear global competitive advantage,' mr. huang said.japanese companies invested heavily and successfully around the world, and their high national savings rate was an important factor in weathering the financial crisis.chongqing attaches great importance to the global competitiveness of japanese enterprises and the manufacturing capacity of high-tech and electronic information industries, and also attaches great importance to the cooperation with japanese enterprises. chongqing welcomes more japanese enterprises to develop electron

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