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vibrating screen with two main types of vibration motor, horizontal vibration motor can be used in a variety of vibrating screen equipment, and vibration motor is the vibration screen is the most important vibration belt external spherical source, no matter how the installation direction, vertical vibration motor main mill to be used in rotary vibrating screen, its important position can be imagined.the vibration motor adopts heavy-duty bearing, which can bear certain axial load. the bearing life of tiaofang factory is not affected by axial load force.

clean the bearing with kerosene, apply evenly with clean hands, press into the seat, fill the roller of the needle roller of the outer ring of the bearing with shell no. 3 lithium grease until it is two-thirds full, install the bearing gland, and press the gland with tight one-way bearing bolts coated with bolt anti-loose glue.

the bearing is a cylindrical roller bearing with detachable inner and outer sleeves. the inner part of the bearing should be arranged on the rotary ball bearing shaft and put in place.

when the vibration motor is replaced with a new shaft ina socket, the same as the original model must be used.

the inner and outer eccentric block shall be mounted on the shaft and in place. the roller bearing key with shaft key shall be loaded into the keyway and then the outer eccentric block shall be mounted on the shaft with retainer ring.

install the bearing

the protective cover at both ends of the vibrating motor is fastened with screws.

mount the seat on the casing. if there is a grease hole, it must be aligned to the position.tighten the bearing seat with a fastening bolt coated with a self-aligning roller bearing bolt and anti-loose glue.

tighten the fastening bolt of the eccentric block to reach the angle position before unloading and tighten its fastening bolt.after the above assembly is completed, turn the adjustable eccentric block to china network, and the rotating shaft should have certain axial bearing pedestal series movement.

remove the shaft end of the two shafts with a retainer.

taper roller bearings remove the gland from the seat and press out of the seat or push out with appropriate other angular contact ball bearing bolts.


remove the seat compression bolts, screw into the seat to remove the screw holes, and eject the bearing seat from the housing.

loosen the outer eccentric block to tighten the screw's linear motion bolt, and remove the shaft key if there is a shaft key.loosen the fastening bolts of the inner eccentric block, remove the outer eccentric block and the inner eccentric block.

clean all parts thoroughly.

remove the protective cover at both ends of the vibration motor (vertical vibration motor without protective cover), and record the 100 percent value of the exciting force of the special joint bearing when the eccentric block works, so as to restore the original working state of skf bearing during installation.

if the shaft liner is a fully loaded cylindrical roller bearing with detachable inner and outer sleeves, the inner sleeve shall be removed from the shaft and put into the original bearing jacket.