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when the agricultural motor is running normally, its sound is stable, light and even.if there is screaming, dull, friction, vibration and other harsh noise.indicates that the motor has a fault.first of all, it should be determined whether it is caused by mechanical or electrical reasons. the method is as follows: when the power is connected to, abnormal sound exists; then, the power is cut off. if the abnormal sound still exists, it is a mechanical fault.otherwise, there is an electrical fault.

abnormal sound caused by mechanical failure.when the agricultural motor is in normal operation, the mechanical noise should be a small "rustling" sound, without the change of high or low, and the sound of metal friction, that is, the sound of the bearing in normal operation.common abnormal sounds caused by mechanical faults are as follows:

a sizzle.generally is the metal friction sound, due to the lack of oil bearings caused by dry grinding, should be disassembled bearing add grease.

"crunch, crunch."is the irregular movement of the roller bearing sound, it is related to the clearance of the bearing, the state of the grease.if the motor only has this sound and no other abnormal phenomena, and the sound disappears immediately after adding grease, it is not a fault and the motor can continue to be used.

squawk, the sound produced when the roller or ball is running, if there is no other noise, and the sound is significantly reduced or disappeared after filling with grease, generally is not a fault, the motor can continue to run.

"dong dong".there are two possible, one is the motor suddenly start, stop, reverse braking and other variable speed, acceleration torque makes the rotor core and shaft coordination loose.the second is the sound of the transmission mechanism, may be the coupling or pulley between the shaft loose, keys or keyway wear.

there was a is the noise caused by the electric machine sweeping the chamber.

a periodic "snap."it is caused by the uneven joints of the belt.

abnormal sound caused by electrical fault.a heavy "buzz".cattle calls, for example, are mainly caused by unbalanced current, which produces electromagnetic noise at twice the power frequency associated with the load and is a major cause of agricultural motor this case, the machine should be shut down immediately and put into operation after troubleshooting.

the sound of a "hiss" or "crackle" discharge.the stator winding slightly contact bad or leakage when the production of a slight "hiss" discharge sound, serious will occur in the "crackle" discharge sound.

mosquitoes.the end of stator winding is not tied firmly or dipped badly, the whole end of stator winding does not form a firm whole, and some wires are caused by jitter under the action of electromagnetic force.

metal crash during startup, shutdown and load changes.generally because of fixed rotor core loose caused by.