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the data of nearly one trillion yuan is a big number in the field of vision, which is the ultimate height that the current industry can reach.this figure, in the scope of the global hardware industry, is also a big number.china's hardware industry, however, is on an equal footing with the world.

in recent 10 years, the experience of chinese hardware products industry may be described as ups and downs, ups and downs.since china joined the wto at the end of 2001, chinese hardware enterprises have been entering the international market more and more deeply.

with the sales volume of 800 billion yuan and up to 1 trillion yuan, china hardware, which has been developing rapidly after 10 years of struggle, is undoubtedly listed as a world-class manufacturing power. with the pace of transformation and upgrading, innovation and development, it is marching forward to create a powerful country.

that's the result.this result is full of chinese hardware 10 years of struggle and upgrade is the private enterprises, which account for 99% in china's hardware industry, that have successfully transformed from family-owned, collective and state-owned enterprises to modern enterprise system and turned into private enterprises.

the suddenly open global market, on the one hand, provides the chinese hardware industry and enterprises with a steady stream of orders, broad space;on the one hand, it also creates opportunities for the industry and enterprises to improve quality and learn advanced technology.during this decade, the volume of import and export increased significantly, making it a golden age for the development of china's hardware industry.however, since the international financial crisis in 2008, the international market continues to weaken, plus the 2010 outbreak of european debt crisis, many enterprises realized that oem export way while in a certain period to the enterprise brought the profit, growth, but it is not a long-term solution, to the enterprise bigger and stronger must pay equal attention to both at home and abroad market, must have own brand, this is really on the road to the internationalisation of symbol.