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at present, the global hardware industry development is very mature, and there are different markets in south america, africa, asia, there are many opportunities.according to the report, worldwide, a so-called self-contained hardware industry is growing by 11%.this is the demand of consumers, but also the entire hardware industry in the global scope, in the image of consumers.

china, as a large hardware, mechanical and electrical manufacturing country, has been in the state of rapid development.however, blindly ignores the development of quality requirements, continuously appear all sorts of accidents in recent years, before the crash, otis elevator accidents last year gave a heavy hammer, hardware mechanical and electrical enterprises sigh in all at the same time, businesses should see the important of quality, from the accident reflection, down-to-earth to do production, to provide customers with products of good quality.

nowadays, the market competition is increasingly fierce. hardware and mechanical and electrical enterprises should constantly meet and exceed customers' demands, and constantly strengthen the ability to improve the whole quality chain, so as to remain invincible in the increasingly fierce market competition.quality is the life of enterprises. only by actively building enterprise quality culture, comprehensively strengthening quality management and vigorously promoting quality system construction, can we further establish a good image of hardware and electrical enterprises.

through the comprehensive quality control, enterprises can improve the quality of their products, for the development of the market to play a high-quality product the same time, but also for the protection of consumer life safety handed in a satisfactory answer, only consumers rest assured, hardware, mechanical and electrical enterprises can embark on a steady, rapid development.

behind the rapid development, does it imply the improvement of our public facilities or the safety of people's lives will be threatened?these are worth every builder thinks deeply.