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electromagnetic vibration feeder and motor vibration feeder are two kinds of vibration feeder currently used, but what are the specific differences between them?

electromagnetic vibration feeder uses electromagnetic vibration exciter as vibration source to drive the hopper to work. its characteristics are small amplitude 1.5-3mm and high frequency.3000 times /min (half wave rectification) or 1500 times /min (frequency division after half wave rectification), so the conveying speed is slow and the stiffness of the tank is high.

motor vibration feeder is a kind of inertial vibration feeder. it adopts vibration motor as the excitation source to drive the hopper to work, with amplitude of 2-5mm and frequency of 700-3000 times /min. therefore, it is simple in structure, convenient in placement and maintenance.

relatively speaking, motor vibration feeder is more widely used, because the maintenance cost of vibration motor is basically the same as that of ordinary motor, so the maintenance cost of motor vibration feeder is lower.