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the hangover from the investment-led economy is beginning to bite.overinvestment has led to overcapacity in photovoltaic, steel, engine and other industries.most of the enterprises in these industries are in the struggle of "opium smoking".in the past two years, the investment scale of heavy industries has been too large and the production capacity has been seriously excessive.yan predicted that china's heavy industry will face a cold period of two to three years in the future."it's an industrial revolution, and at some point you have to bear the pain, digest the pain."whatever the industry, the companies that survive are those that can sustain cash flow, retain talent, and invest in research and development.

the period from now to 2020 will be an important period for china's economic development. in order to basically complete industrialization and realize the goal of building a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way, the equipment manufacturing industry will remain the pillar and leading force."in this process, chinese enterprises need to constantly improve the value content and technological level of equipment products, from partial advanced to the overall advanced ranks of the world, so as to truly transform china from a manufacturing power to a manufacturing power," said yan ping.

over the years, chinese enterprises have been attaching great importance to the light technology of products, the light accessories of complete machines, the light foundation of production and the light hardware and should give priority to the development of universal basic parts (liquid, gas and dense), large-scale casting and forging parts, key special materials (high-grade insulation materials), components of control systems (including instruments and meters) and functional parts of cnc machine tools, said yan.if do not arouse attention again, will restrict the development of manufacturing industry further.and all this needs to be accomplished by a generation or even several generations, and chinese enterprises need to stick to it down-to-earth.