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on june 22, yan ping, chairman of the board of directors of the group company, was invited to attend the establishment conference of northeast elite alliance.yuan yue, chairman of horizon research consulting group, tse, chairman of boss china, famous economists xia bin, wu xiaoqiu, famous military expert yin zhuo, famous financial commentator shui pi and others attended the the meeting, senior figures from several related fields in china discussed the development trend of the global economy, especially china's economy.

as the head of a machinery manufacturing enterprise, yan ping started with the development of the internal combustion engine industry and made a forecast and analysis of the development trend of the equipment manufacturing from january to april this year show that china's internal combustion engine industry has begun to stabilize at a low ebb, but it is not yet recovering growth, said yan.low growth is undoubtedly the future development trend of equipment manufacturing industry.

yan ping said that in 2008, the global financial crisis hit 2009, the government announced a 4 trillion yuan rescue plan, which was followed by ten industrial revitalization plans and unprecedented investment by governments at all levels.china's internal combustion engine industry also had a 30 percent growth rate from 2009 to 2010.yanpingshui, rely on investment-led economic ability and time is limited, the correction of economic growth from 2011 to 2012 was illustrated by, and represented by the internal combustion engine industry of equipment manufacturing industry in the past two years the downward further confirmed that china's economy in the post-crisis era, china is not in front of the world financial crisis unscathed.