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in 2012, the machinery industry ranked the second last place in the growth rate of the top 12 industries in china. the market size is difficult to break through in the short term, but the high-end market lacks sufficient capacity, which leads to the development bottleneck of the large-scale domestic machinery manufacturing present, the global industrial competition is becoming more intense. developed and emerging economies have introduced and implemented policies to revitalize the real economy and promote the strategy of reindustrialization. in addition, the deep impact of the international financial crisis continues to emerge, and international trade protectionism is on the rise.

the "white paper on china's manufacturing industry" released by it consultancy idc divides the development process of china's manufacturing industry into three stages, namely, the stage of gaining competitive advantage by virtue of low labor cost, the stage of realizing industrialization by adopting advanced machinery and equipment, and the stage of realizing informatization by adopting information technology.informationization will help enterprises to shift their development focus to "knowledge" work through product and business model innovation, so as to achieve operational innovation and business growth.

informationization will be the future trend of the development of mechanical manufacturing, the country is cracking caused by cost pressures, the important means of development dilemma, leading the depth of the integration of informatization and industrialization, especially for including group enterprises, key enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises, manufacturing enterprises to promote the core competitiveness to provide technical support, manufacturing for manufacturing from the "production" to "service-oriented" manufacturing shift to provide technical support, provide technical support for the high-end equipment manufacturing industry development in our country.

cai weici, executive vice-president of the china machinery industry federation, said: "it will be difficult to achieve super-fast growth in the future, but it can still maintain moderate growth."on the one hand, the rapid economic growth supported by the rapid growth of demand in the early and middle stage of china's industrialization will inevitably slow down with the demand growth after entering the middle and late stage of industrialization.on the other hand, the increasing demand for growth quality will force the machinery industry to accelerate innovation drive, and high-end equipment manufacturing and other strategic emerging industries will gradually become a new support point.

in a word, the development shackles of the domestic machinery industry have a greater impact on the entire manufacturing industry in china.however, as long as we steadily pass the current bottleneck stage and pay attention to the combination of information technology and industrialization in the future development, we believe that our domestic manufacturing industry will return to the situation of spring bloom.