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laminating machine as the name suggests, is a paper documents and plastic combined into a machine;the long service life of the machine, the key is the quality of its core device, which is the direct factor affecting the long service life of the laminating machine.motor is the only power device of laminating machine at work, we can also understand that it is the heart of the machine, then as the power source of laminating machine work, the maintenance of the motor, maintenance is comprehensive, is an important link in the maintenance process.

correct operation and reasonable use of the machine will prolong the service life of the laminating machine, provide a higher utilization rate of the laminating machine, and save some costs for you.

then how to reduce the motor loss, extend the life of laminating machine;when using, you should pay attention to the following.

1. clean up sundries, dirt on the motor and nearby sundries, and keep away from inflammable and explosive articles.

2. before starting, check whether the machine is running smoothly, stuck or blocked, and whether the belt is connected normally;if abnormal, do not continue to start the rubber machine.

three, the voltage should be in line with the rated voltage, voltage is too high or low should not start the rubber machine;the general voltage is around 5 to 10 percent of the rated voltage.

4. when the motor fails, the power must be cut off and the motor cannot continue to be used;it should be repaired by a professional.

in addition to the above details should be paid attention to during the maintenance, also should develop a good habit of use, only the correct operation can reduce the incidence of failure;of course, you encounter machine failure, do not act recklessly, repair the machine at random, should seek professional consultation or repair as soon as possible