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by 2020, jinqiao will gather 30 influential electromechanical industry enterprises

electromechanical industry will become the "engine" of the county's industrial development

report from our correspondent (qin zhifu reporter su builds first) along with "produce city body" the project begin to build, the gold bridge new area that invests advantage increasingly prominent already became the geomantic treasure ground that foreign investor values.relevant personages said that by 2020, this area will gather a group of influential mechanical and electrical industries and become the leading industry of the county's industrial economy, one of the city's four industrial bases, with more than 30 enterprises settled and the main income reaching more than 15 billion yuan.

target: up to 30 electromechanical enterprises to be settled by 2020

county economic and information bureau director li jianqing told reporters, according to the "suining city foster leading industry implementation plan", the future of our county jinqiao new area will focus on the development of mechanical and electrical industry.recently, our county has been in the county on the 12th session of the standing committee of 38 formally approved the suining jinqiao district of mechanical and electronic industry development to promote work plan, according to the plan, our county will be dispersed in the jinqiao district planning and construction of 5 square kilometers of the mechanical and electrical industrial park, and will be completed by the end of the high standard of mechanical and electronic industry development planning, strive for years, the introduction of 1-2 machinery manufacturing enterprises, to achieve "zero breakthrough" jinqiao district of mechanical and electronic industry.according to the industrial development environment of our county, the plan respectively puts forward the overall development goals and phased development goals for the future development of electromechanical industry. it puts forward that by 2015, there will be 5-8 enterprises settled and the main income will reach more than 2 billion yuan. among them, there will be 1-2 enterprises with output value of 500 million 2018, the number of settled enterprises reached 15-20, and the main business income reached more than 8 billion yuan, among which, the number of enterprises with output value of 500 million yuan reached more than 2020, the number of enterprises settled in pengxi will reach more than 30, and the main income will reach more than 15 billion yuan, among which more than 5 enterprises with output value of 1 billion yuan will become one of the pillar industries of pengxi industry and the leading industry of pengxi industrial economy.

development direction: focus on developing three categories of electromechanical industry

the plan first made an inventory of our county's recent years, although our county industrial economy has obtained certain development, but the amount is not big, the lack of leading industries, new jinqiao district as cities and counties recruit big strong main platform, is my county further implement the "two", the "six daxing city plan" in the city of vivid practice, with incredible group in chengdu, efforts to build a "city" project of orderly, advantages and potential investment growing, how to scientific planning, rational layout industry became one of the park development need considering.