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for pengxi, the development of electromechanical industry is still a blank sheet of paper. how to position the development of electromechanical industry in jinqiao new area?"solution", according to the national electrical and mechanical industry development trends and prospects for development, according to the form a complete set of chengdu-chongqing expressway mechanical and electrical industry, to gain better, share, borrow ideas of development, combining the reality of our county, and put forward my county key developing direction of mechanical and electronic industry for auto parts, electric motorcycle and automobile and motorcycle and supporting industries and engineering machinery, smart grid, agricultural machinery equipment manufacturing the same time, combined with the specific situation of attracting investment, to assist the development of medical equipment, pharmaceutical equipment, environmental protection machinery and other special machinery and hardware and electrical industries.

the latest progress

deployment, according to the arrangement of the county party committee 12th session of the standing committee of 38 in specific work, our county will work in accordance with the "five one", namely: set up a leading group, prepare a development plan, the implementation of a project, exchanging and formulate an investment scheme, a supporting policies, to ensure that the mechanical and electrical industrial development work steadily push forward quickly.realize the "zero breakthrough" of electromechanical industry as soon as possible, and gradually form a good situation of serving local, radiating sichuan and chongqing, with distinct characteristics, prominent key points and coordinated development of multiple industries.

"with the great attention of leaders at all levels and the joint efforts of relevant departments, the development of the electromechanical industry has made preliminary progress."4, the reporter learned that, in terms of building leadership, our county has been established for loose creek county and mechanical and electrical industrial development leading group and loose creek county office, mechanical and electronic industry development to jinqiao district industry positioning, promote the solution of mechanical and electronic industry and so on carries on the analysis and research, study and formulate supporting policies, coordinate to solve mechanical and electrical problems of industrial development, study the deployment of jinqiao district of mechanical and electronic industry development related work.on combing engineering "and the formulation of development planning, our county has been the introduction of a professional talents to the county, mechanical and electronic offices internship, vice secretary of the county deng li, the county party committee standing committee member and deputy county magistrate zhang zhang has successively led related departments to the province by the letter committee, mechanical research and design institute of sichuan province, xihua university, chengdu, chongqing college of engineering machinery industry the third design institute and other units of the negotiation, the next step, the planning units will be determined as soon as possible through comparison and selection.promote innings pitched on investment promotion and capital introduction work, the county has reference to the pudong new area in shanghai and chongqing liangjiang new area to develop a very attractive mechanical and electrical industry investment policy, with the chamber of commerce around the province to promote innings and docking, county promote innings has selected mechanical and electrical industry investment related information, will be out later this month to form investment teams to carry out investment promotion activities.