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dmd insulation paper

       dmd绝缘纸,该产品是由一层聚酯薄膜涂以粘合剂,一面为聚酯纤维非织布复合,轧光而成的一种复合绝缘材料制品,简称dmd。       产品全称:聚酯薄膜聚酯纤...

       dmd insulating paper, which is a kind of composite insulating material product made of a layer of polyester film coated with adhesive, one side of polyester fiber non-woven composite, calendering.

       full name: polyester film polyester fiber non-woven soft composite

       tape: over 10mm wide

       slice: the maximum size is 1000mm*900mm

       implementation standard: jb/t 4060-1991

       structure and performance:

       dmd insulation paper has good mechanical strength, dielectric performance and high heat resistance (grade b and f). it is the type insulation material for y series motors and can be used as slot insulation, turn and layer insulation, liner insulation core and transformer insulation for small and medium-sized motors.part of the thickness of the product has been widely sold to the european and american and southeast asian markets.