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yvp series frequency conversion motor

1、the ambient temperature shall not exceed -15℃~ 40℃
2、the altitude is not more than 1000m
3、motor protection class ip44
4、supply voltage 380 (220) v±10% frequency 50 (60) hz±2%

product overview:

yvp variable-frequency adjustable-speed motors (full name: yvp series variable-frequency adjustable-speed asynchronous motors):n=60f/p

it can be seen from the above formula that when the number of poles (p) of the motor is constant, when the frequency changes, the motor speed (n) per minute must change (proportional).

the general frequency varies from 10-60hz (hz) through frequency converters, but can also be extended to 5-100hz.frequency conversion motor must be used in conjunction with frequency converter.frequency conversion speed regulation is generally adopted internationally, because frequency conversion speed regulation has the following advantages:

1、high efficiency and remarkable energy saving;

2、speed control smoothness can be stepless speed control in the range of 5-100 hz.

3、low torque parameter load impact at low frequency starting;

4、small starting current, no additional starting equipment;

5、small size, light weight, same mounting size as y series;

6、the axial flow fan is installed in the hood, which has good cooling effect at various rotating speeds.

7、it has a wide application range and can operate with constant torque below 50hz and constant power above 50hz.

8、it is simple in structure, reliable in operation and convenient in maintenance.

conditions of use:

1、the ambient temperature shall not exceed -15℃~ 40℃

2、the altitude is not more than 1000m

3、motor protection class ip44

4、supply voltage 380 (220) v±10% frequency 50 (60) hz±2%